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In the church of my heart the choir is on fire

The Ramblings of a Morrissey Obsessed Former Fat Girl

5 October 1979
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I'm that girl on the bus you stare at. You know you love me..right?
I rescue animals and support others who do.
I live in Pittsburgh it's not Los Angeles I'll tell you that much but it's not bad either.
Sometimes I forget how to tie my shoes.
My cats think I am funny.
I don't eat meat or wear fur or leather, I'm really happy without it.
Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
My Favourite website right now is : www.poppyzbrite.com she is my favourite author and she also rescues cats which you can see on her cats page.
afi, al franken, amber benson, angel, ani difranco, anias nin, animal rescue, animal rights, bauhaus, bert and ernie, bipolar, bisexual, bloomfield, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cat rescue, cats, charisma carpenter, charleroi, charmed, chatham, chatham college, chris and cosey, citizens, clothes, cnn, comics, communism, computer games, crazy mocha, crowley, curses, darcey steinke, depeche mode, depression, design, dingoes ate my baby, doctor who, dog rescue, dogs, doom, duran duran, echo and the bunnymen, emo, fag hag, faith, fat cats, fiction writing, frankenstein, front 242, fruit fly, ghost stories, ghost world, glassjaw, glitter, gloom, gossip girl, goth, halloween, hellboy, hello kitty, henry rollins, hex, history, horror films, hot topic, i feel sick, industrial, irvine welsh, john waters, johnen vaquez, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, joss whedon, keats, lenore, leopard print, letigre, local bands, lords of acid, mau-mau, mental illness, micheal chabon, monongahalea valley, morrissey, my so called life, new order, new wave, oingo boingo, old people, orange county, patchouli, peta, peter murphy, phlox, pittbuls, pittsburgh, plaid, poppy z brite, postal service, projekt records, psychic tv, pulp, punk, reading, riot grrrl, sandman, seth green, shiny objects, shoes, silence, sin city, siouxsie and the banshees, skins, slacker, spike, star wars, submachine, supernatural, sylvia plath, syria, taking back sunday, teen angst, the addiction, the animal rescue league, the beehive, the butchies, the cure, the grudge, the mysteries of pittsburgh, the nightmare before christmas, the queers, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, the velvet goldmine, thursday, tim burton, torchwood, torrid, true crime, urban legends, vampires, vegetarian, veronica mars, willow rosenburg, winter, witchcraft, writing, x files, xander harris